Frequently Asked Questions & Tips – Luminous Aromatherapy


Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

 Wax Melt Tips 1) Use within sight. 2) Keep away from children and pets. 3) Do not overfill bowl. 4) Use unscented tea lights. 5) Do not move wax warmers until wax has cooled. 6) Do not eat!
Benefits of Wax Melts 1) Flame-free. 2) Can be less expensive than candles. 3) No Co2 from electric wax warmer. 4) Easier to blend scents.
Does Luminous Aromatherapy use synthetic fragrances? Luminous Aromatherapy is proud to only use pure therapeutic essential oils and does not use synthetic or artificial fragrances.
What type of wax do you use? Luminous Aromatherapy only uses 100% soy wax made from soy beans grown by U.S. farmers.
What square area will a wax cube aromatize? Each Luminous Aromatherapy wax cube will aromatize up to 300sq.ft.  We have tested them in varying space dimensions and discovered that 300sq.ft to be the perfect size to maximize the aromatherapy.
How long will each wax cube last? Luminous Aromatherapy tests each wax cube batch using a number of tea light and electric wax warmers and we can say with confidence that each cube will provide between 5-7 hours of aromatherapy. That comes out to 30-42 hours per package.
How many wax cubes should I use at one time? We recommend using only 1 wax cube to aromatize up to 300sq.ft of space for the recommended hours.